Engagement and Consultation Services

The General Chiropractic Council: Research into the Views and Expectations of Patients of Chiropractic – The GCC is currently reviewing its proposed approach to the revalidation of chiropractors, and is keen to take account of patients’ perspectives as part of this work. Whilst much can be learned from the growing body of research into patients’ views, expectations and experiences of other complementary medicines, the GCC feels that a gap remains in relation to chiropractic patients’ views. To address this they have commissioned Firefly and the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York to undertake primary research into the views and expectations of chiropractic patients, in particular their assessment of the risks and benefits of chiropractic treatment, their expectations of chiropractors, and their experiences of them.  An information sheet explaining this work is available here.GCC Patient Views Research – Information sheet for chiropractors July 2012

Health Foundation: Evaluation of Co-production and Co-creation – Across health and social care there is growing interest in co-production. The evaluation of Co-creating Health 2 offers an opportunity to explore how organisations have harnessed patients’ knowledge and experience to sustain self-management support and, more widely, influence the shape of health services.  As part of the programme evaluation Firefly will be looking at how individual patients have been sustained through approaches such as peer support, reunions, work with community groups and group-based follow up activities. We will also examine how patients’ experiences and views have shaped the development of self-management support locally and created new ways of working between patients/communities and health services.

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