Engagement & Consultation Services

Patient and public engagement, and the involvement of service users and carers, can significantly improve outcomes in developing and delivering health and social care services.  The public sector is now obliged to consult and engage under an expanding range of statutory requirements – for example, the Health Act, section 242, ‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’, and equalities legislation.  However, successful engagement requires both time and expertise. Firefly can offer experience and expertise in this field of work, across sectors and in relation to both service users, patient and public engagement, and listening to staff.

Service Users, Patient, and Public Engagement

The Firefly team has substantial experience in involving service users, carers, patients and the public in service development and review, research and evaluation.  We can help you to make engagement manageable and meaningful for everyone involved.  We can:

  • Plan and deliver engagement projects
  • Work with staff to develop an engagement strategy
  • Contribute our knowledge on equalities issues
  • Use both traditional and innovative involvement methods
  • Design, administer and analyse questionnaires
  • Facilitate focus groups and carry out interviews
  • Organise consultation events
  • Train staff in approaches to effective engagement
  • Produce clear feedback reports for staff and the wider public

We are able to tailor methods according to the needs and circumstances of different groups and communities, to encourage and enable involvement and comply with equalities legislation.

Listening to Staff

Practitioners and managers also have valuable experience and knowledge of the services they work within, and often bring sound insights about how they can be developed or improved.  Listening to staff is crucial to improving services and building staff morale and commitment.

The Firefly team has worked with staff from a variety of organisations over many years, enabling them to share their views.  This often requires a sensitive approach, for example, where staff may feel under threat from change.  We work hard to establish trust and engage people.

We use a wide range of methods, tailored to the needs of the project, including workshops, discussion groups, individual and group interviews, surveys and web-based feedback.